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Check out our Security Newsletter. It may save you some trouble.

The majority of IT Managers and Business Owners agree that tape does not work. Ironically, most organizations are still using fixed-schedule antiquated tape systems that are subject to human error, cumbersome to manage and are notoriously unreliable. Statistics show that:

Over 30% of IT costs are associated with Data Backup

20% of nightly tape-based backup jobs fail

40% of dedicated, full-time IT Managers can’t recover data from their tape backups

Is your data secure? Could you survive if you lost any of it? Want a FREE trial? Click Me. What is your data worth? Could your company survive if you lost it? Wouldn't you like to have a reliable backup plan?


Backing up critical data is important to ensuring success in the face of a disaster. Let ACP configure a recovery plan that fits your budget. Our most important goal is to be able to recover from a disaster as quickly and inexpensively as possible.


Remote Data Backups

Remote Data Backups

Our award-winning Remote Backup service is the most reliable, secure and convenient way to automatically back up your important data files offsite each night. Get peace of mind - Just Install It!

FREE 30-Day Trial

Easy to set up & use
No credit card required
Full-featured service
Quick & easy restores
Free 24/7 phone support
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How it works   Features   Security   Accolades   Data loss risks

Here's How Remote Data Backups Works...

Install & Register
Backup Account


Choose FullSystem or
Manual / Auto File Selection

Download, install and register our small agent program. Follow our easy step-by-step online instructions, or call our toll-free support department 24/7 if you need help.   Choose the "full system" option (10 GB+) to back up every file, program and setting on your PC, or select your mission critical files and folders to back up. Then run an initial backup.

Fast, Automatic Backups,
also back up at any time


Retrieve Files via
Program or Web

Incremental backups run automatically every night. You can also set backups to run when you shut down or connect to a network, or click "Back now" any time (going to lunch, finished a project, making system changes, etc.).   Need to restore a previous version of a corrupt or deleted file? Just open the RDB program and click Retrieve tab (or log into Remote Web Access) and choose a version (up to the last 10 versions or 30 days).
Hard drive failure? Install a new drive or buy a new computer, download our software
and re-establish your account with your ID & encryption key, then restore your data.

Backup Software Features

Our award-winning backup software includes valuable data access and recovery features that separate us from other online backup companies.

These powerful, easy to use data management tools help you work more efficiently and effectively, providing you a significant return on investment (ROI).

Automatic File Backup

Automatic File Backup

Backups run automatically every night, but also on demand, on Windows Exit, or connection to a Network.
Easy Online File Restore

Easy File Restores

End-users can quickly and easily retrieve lost or corrupted data files in minutes.
Fast, Efficent Backups

Fast, Efficient Backups

Patented optimization techniques and redundant bandwidth ensure fast, reliable backups and restores.
System Restore

Easy System Restore

You won't need an IT tech to restore your operating system, or your entire PC, to a previous good state.
Remote File Access

Remote File Access

Enjoy the convenience of online access to your data files 24/7 from any computer with Internet access.
10-File Versioning

10-File Versioning

"Go back in time" up to 10 previous versions of any backed up file, for up to 30 days (whichever is first).
Backup Email Alerts

Backup Email Alerts

We send you email warnings if your account does not connect to our data centers for a number of days.
Manage Multiple Accounts

Manage Multiple Backup Accounts

Powerful solutions to monitor, access & share accounts, designed for franchisors, corporations & IT techs.

Backup Data Security Overview

We've layered state-of-the-art technology to keep your data completely secure.

Data is bank-level AES encrypted before leaving your computer, then transmitted and stored in that same encrypted format. No one can access your data without your Personal Encryption Key, not even us.

Backup Data Security Diagram

Level 4 Data Center Security

bulletbullet Our two mirrored, Telco-class data centers are separated by 1,100 miles, in ultra-secure private limestone mines located 100-200 feet below ground.
bulletbullet Each has redundant bandwidth using multiple fiber-optic providers.
bulletbullet All data received by either hardened Data Center is immediately replicated to its mirror — connected by point-to-point, high-speed WAN links
bulletbullet Traffic is load-balanced between the two sites, eliminating degraded system performance
bulletbullet High performance HP Servers & Cisco / Nokia firewall security
bulletbullet Each server platform has fail over and redundancy, continuous server monitoring and performance tuning, assuring that storage capacity is never exceeded.

Network Infrastructure

bulletbullet Redundant power supply using backup generators with full power for up to 7 days
bulletbullet Redundant completely independent electrical systems, power train, commercial power feeds, cooling system, UPS systems, dedicated A/C units, generator systems and fuel system
bulletbullet Environment and climate controlled facilities, resistant to seismic activity and other natural disasters, with Class A vaults with OSHA certified fire suppression, EPA-certified water treatment plants and clean air fire extinguishing systems
bulletbullet Best-practices networking and best-of-breed routers, switches, firewalls, servers, facilities infrastructure, power grids and telecommunications circuits are all deployed with backup components to maximize fail over and redundancy
bulletbullet Failed account access attempts are logged and reviewed to prevent unauthorized access

Physical Security

bulletbullet Level 4 (highest) security rating, 24/7 armed security, maintenance & service operation
bulletbullet Finger scanners for physical access, motion detectors, CCTV monitoring & camera tracking
bulletbullet Co-location equipment is locked in cage with sensors and alarm system
bulletbullet Visitors require pre-authorization and photographic identification
bulletbullet All access to computer equipment is logged


Backup Service Awards

Our backup service has received the highest acclaim from critics and -- most importantly -- from thousands of satisfied business owners worldwide who have told us why RDB is so critical to their success and peace of mind.

Online Backup Awards

Client Testimonials

What a great service!
“The simplicity of use and it's automatic backup means that we never miss backing up critical files. Retrieval is simple and has saved us a number of times when critical files were accidently deleted.” — Rich Giannini, Action International

A Valuable Time-Saver
“Without this system I would have spent countless hours, perhaps days, putting my business life back together. The low monthly fee for this service plus the convienience of backing up automatically on a daily basis is worth every penny.” — Ken Thompson, Adventures in Advertising

RDB Worked Perfectly
“My hard drive crashed and just got my new computer. Remote Data Backups worked perfectly and I was able to restore everything critical in my business.” — Eddy Kicker, Coldwell Banker

On the Cutting Edge
“This backup service is truly on the cutting edge! It was so simple and direct! We were truly impressed.” — Ted Davis, CPA

Saved Our Data from Hurricane Katrina
“Our area was devastated by Hurricane Katrina. Imagine our relief when we recieved the news from Remote Data Backups that all of our information had been saved since the day we left town.” — Kathy Faia, DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen

Flawless File Recovery
“I accidentally deleted my main Outlook .pst file while transferring it to my laptop and suddenly found myself in a very precarious situation... Dan answered the phone on a Sunday morning and walked me through a very simple recovery. The whole process worked flawlessly.” — Victor Ronder, Expense Reduction Consulting

Easy System Restore in 10 Minutes
“Remote Data Backups saved me a bunch of headaches by being able to restore the system configuration of a few days back in 10 minutes after installing something that didn't agree with my computer.” — TJ Bass, Handyman Matters

10 Version File Restore
“A new employee had managed to change a large amount of records in the database accidentally with incorrect information...Luckily for us they store the last 10 versions of the files.” — Jason Webber, Help-U-Sell


Works like a charm
“I did a data retrieval today and it worked like a charm. I can now sleep better with Hurricane season in full swing.” — David H. Link, III, Lawn Doctors

Extremely Seamless and Effective Backup
“This is an extremely seemless, effective method of backing up your data. I had to use the restore function on a few occasion and it was extremely easy to restore files. And customer service was great.” — Mike Bennett, LoanAdvisors

Superior Data Security
“Note that only YOU have access to your data. RDB uses an encryption system to ensure that only the person with the correct password key can read the stored data.” — Charles Dearborn, Maid Brigade

Outstanding Customer Service
“I was considering buying an expensive tape drive system when I discovered RDB. The service has been outstanding and keeping my critical scheduling and customer account data safe is automatic.” — Stefan Silverman, Mr. Handyman

Saves Data from Virus Corruption
“RDB saved my rear when the computer got a virus, and became inoperable...and because I had the back up service, my data was restored in less than a day.” — Barnard Sackett, Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc.

Fast, Automated Backups
“The daily updates take only 3-5 minutes at a set time each day, and happen automatically. Telephone response is 24/7, and very professional. All of this for a bargain price.” — Sandy McMahon, Renaissance Executive Forums

Keep Franchisees protected from data loss
“With the number of employees we have that work remotely, we rely on RDB to keep them protected from data loss that can happen because of hard drive crashes, virus attacks, and other unwelcome computer catastrophes.” — Mark Tucker, ServiceMaster Clean

File retrieval in minutes
“We called to retrieve some information from our Servpro database. We were able to retrieve the info in a matter of minutes. It was such a relief.” — Patricia Eskenazi, ServePro

Data Loss Risks

Remote Data Backups provides the best solution for safeguarding your computer against a full range of common data loss and system failure risks including:

bulletbullet Technical Disasters: Computer viruses & worms, hard drive crash & failure, PC power failure, backup media degradation, system updates, service packs, etc.
bulletbullet Human Disasters: Accidental changes or deletions, theft (especially laptops), disgruntled employees, etc.
bulletbullet Natural Disasters: Fire, flood, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, lightning, solar flares, freaks of nature, etc.
bulletbullet Laptop Disasters: Laptops can easily overheat, suffer hard drive failures or power outages, and are frequently dropped and damaged, lost and stolen.

Traditional backup methods (Tape, Zip & External Drives, CDs & DVDs) are tedious and time-consuming, and can't reliably protect your data against all these common data loss risks -- only RDB can!

Data Loss Stats

Data loss is a lot more common and costly than you think.

bulletbullet 1 in 4 PCs suffer a data loss in a given year 1
bulletbullet Companies lose $12 billion/yr. from data loss 2
bulletbullet 7 in 10 small firms that experience a major data loss
go out of business within a year 3
bulletbullet 1 in 10 laptops are stolen within a year of purchase;
97% are never recovered 4
bulletbullet $61,881 - the average loss due to laptop theft 1

1 Gartner Group, 2 DTI/PriceWaterhouse Coopers, 3 CSI/FBI Survey, 2006, 4


Why Tape Doesn't Work



If you've already suffered Data Loss, please let ACP help you through this difficult time by contacting us or clicking on the Ontrack DataRecovery link below.

Please call 443.877.6160 or eMail us for assistance.

Complete Worry-Free Business Security Suite - SMB




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     Any truly successful technology project is really a successful business project first—with a technology component.  With this outlook, we strive to accomplish all of your company’s IT goals with your best interests in mind.  Let our engineers customize a management plan to suit your company’s needs so that you can focus on your business—not your network.  We will implement a plan designed to enhance the overall performance of your network and improve your business.  Through expert Network Administration we can help eliminate downtime and interruptions to your business.

“If we’re not adding value to your business, we’re not doing our job.”

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